SK CORPIn line with this new corporate vision, the portfolio of our energy business has been reallocated to emphasize an extensive business network through which all-inclusive customer solutions are offered. To spur our chemical business, we are focusing on high-end, high-value-added products centering on petrochemicals. As for our next-generation e-business, life science, and knowledge-led business hybrids, we have increased our investments therein so as to turn their growth potentials into real profits. In 2002, we paved the way for the faster realization of our vision of becoming a "Globalized Innovative Marketing Company." With this vision guiding us like a bright roadmap, we are optimistic that we will attain the highest corporate value among domestic enterprises by 2005. To achieve this vision, we have set three goals. First, to become a Globalized Company, we will try to create breakthrough technologies and products that can surpass global standards. Second, we will become an Innovative Company with world-admired corporate values enriched by tangible and intangible corporate resources which we have accumulated from our hard-core businesses through intensive R&D. Third, we will become a Marketing Company by anticipating our customers' needs and providing them with total solutions via an online/offline/mobile network laid throughout our core businesses. Ultimately, we want to become a company valued by our customers for our brand and services; by our investors and even our competitors, for our corporate value; by our employees, for the achievement of their career goals; and by people belonging to the communities in which we operate, for our social commitment and activities. With our ongoing upgrade of our global competitiveness, innovative technologies and products, and customer-centered services, we are shaping a better future in which dreams come true.
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