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Ehemals REXCAPITAL International Holdings Limited umbenennung seit April 2006 unter dem Namen China Solar Energy tätig

Supplier of Vetrogrid® production equipment
China Solar is a leading developer of Vetrogrid® production equipment. Utilizing state-of-the art processing technology and advance equipment, we offer fully automated production line in creating a new generation of thin film a-Si module – Vetrogrid®. With this technology, we are able to increase cell efficiency and break through the US$1.00/watt production cost, offering a cost effective way to equip our partners with proper accouterment to meet the increasing demand for solar energy around the world. Our advanced new generation Vetrogrid® equipment has the advantages of (i) increasing output production capacity, (ii) improving conversion efficiency, (iii) improving manufacturing yields and (iv) reducing production costs.

At China Solar, we also pride ourselves on after-sales services. All of our production lines are fully supported by processing technology, spare parts, training and field service. Complete training in processing technology, installation, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting are included. We are committed to maintain an ongoing business relationship with our partners by providing state-of-the art manufacturing equipment and top quality customer services.

2.Supplier of proprietary SnO2 production equipment
Sn02 tin oxide thin film is a necessary component of Vetrogrid® and a-Si thin film PV, but only a few American and Japanese companies possess this sophisticated technology process. The supply of Sn02 coated glass is very tight due to the recent growth in the thin film PV market and the limited production capacity.
China Solar has achieved a technological breakthrough and developed a Sn02 Glass production line. This production line has been specifically designed to meet the specifications and requirements for optimizing Vetrogrid®’s performance.

3.Sales, marketing and distribution centre for Vetrogrid®
With representation in the United States, Europe and Asia, China Solar has a strong marketing and distribution network across the globe. Through its excellent distribution channels and choice of partners, China Solar possesses the networking capabilities to effectively market and distribute Vetrogrid® as the most cost efficient and effective BIPV product in the market place

4.Kiss a-Si Platform (“KASIP”) – thin film a-Si industrial standard and total solution
Since 1970, the founder of Terra Solar, Dr. Zoltan Kiss, has been involved in the research and development of thin-film PV production technology and in his years of research, not only did he built the first thin-film PV factory in 1982, we estimate approximately 75% of the thin-film technology used today can be traced back to him. The KASIP combines the valuable intellectual property that Dr. Zoltan Kiss and Terra Solar have built and accumulated for many years. The KASIP provides an industrial standard including the software (R&D, thin film a-Si PV technical patent), the hardware (BIPV operating system, thin film a-Si and CIGS production equipment) and the system integration (water pumping system, power supply project, BIPV systems, solar home installation). Under the leadership of China Solar, our Group can utilize this platform to commercialize thin film a-Si-related devices and components, attracting more global partners to join force with us; together we can construct, manufacture and commercialize more diversified thin film a-Si-related devices and components.


Together with China Solar’s strong networking capabilities and Terra Solar’s expertise in thin film a-Si PV technology, our 2 companies can greatly compliment each other.  In order to optimize our resources, China Solar will be the leading supplier of Vetrogrid® production equipment in the Greater China region, whereas Terra Solar will be the sole distributor of the thin film a-Si production equipment in North America, Europe and Middle East (outside Greater China region), to create a world-wide distribution network.  Through this alliance we can set an industry standard for thin film a-Si and quickly capture this fast growing PV market. 
Building Integrated PV systems (“BIPV”) is among one of the fastest growing sectors in the PV industry and it is a widespread application of thin film a-Si PV technology and our company sets its aim to become the leading supplier new generation thin film a-Si module.

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